About this site

There is no reasoning to this pile of bits and bytes. Aside from collecting the content that drips out of my brain when I am not looking.

It started in mid 2022. A few articles crossed my path about spending less time consuming content but more time creating it. I forget the exact reason. Perhaps about being happier or mental clarity. Both sound like something I would like. I also enjoy improving my writing.

I don’t suffer from a lack of opinions, so we should be good here.

One item a day. Go. Let Google sort it out.


Thank you to the following for the tools and resources used to build this site.

  • The MentalDrool logo was produced just for me by DALL-E
  • The site is generated by Hugo which is an amazing static site generator
  • MS Visual Code for general editing
  • Obsidian.md for idea collection and LYT
  • Hemingway App for draft ends
  • Microsoft Word for final edit
  • TailwindCSS for styling the site and making me not lose my mind on CSS
  • FavIcon generation by Favicon Generator
  • The fancy text embellishment at the bottom of the posts pages is from Vecteezy.com and Duniaonme653898.
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